Hill Country BBQ

I found myself in Washington DC looking to grab lunch at Federalist BBQ only to find out that they don’t open for lunch. My coworker really talked up the place and had me craving some good Texas style BBQ. It has been 6-7 years since I’ve had some Texas bbq and even thought I’m in DC, I was now on a mission.

I did a quick Google maps search for BBQ now that I find the one spot that was recommended to me isn’t open. The top search results led me to Hill Country BBQ. The reviews seemed like it would be ok and it was a quarter till noon so knew better make a move or else the work crowd would flood the place. And boy was I right about that.

As you go in, you sit down and your drink order is taken, then you head to the counter to place your order of meat(s).

You can see them cooking the meats on your way to place the order from the big board of options.

Being there with my wife and wanting to try a few of their meat options we split the 3 meat and 2 sides. That they wrap up the meats in butcher’s paper while you move along the line to select sides and cornbread.

Once you selected everything, then it’s back to the table to feast.

After a few bites of each of the pulled pork, spicy sausage and brisket I knew this was an authentic Texas style BBQ joint. The flavor and pink lines in the meat were delicious.


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