Connected Fitness

If you’re like me you want to know what you did, when you did it, where you did it and how long it took to do it.  Millennials(myself included) have grown up with data rich liftstyles.  10 years ago I was wearing cutting edge technology with Nike+.  It would track my steps and after adjusting my stride length calculate my distance.  This was great technology at the time.  No one else could get close to what they were doing.  I was traveling ALL the time for months straight, so I would always be in a different city looking to find a place to run that I would know my distance and time, this helped with that.

Then with the increase in mobile phones, apps got better and used the mobile phone’s technology (GPS) to help perform these items, if you didn’t want to be stuck wearing Nike’s the apps would allow you to wear what you wanted.  The best app at the time IMHO is MapMyRun.

This allows you to select many differnt workout activities and it will record the activity or you can log in an activity of your selction.  What attracted me to this app was the mapping capabilities it had that would leave those bread crumbs to find your way home or at least just where you’ve been.  When I was traveling all over the country I enjoyed being outside without headphones and just letting my eyes explore.  This was great and all, expect my eye would wonder!  Then I would be lost and tired way too far from the hotel.  So I could either plan a route ahead of time online then have the route synced to my app to know where I needed to turn or how to get back to the hotel, or I could just create a new route on the fly but knowing my stats (speed, distance, location) to pace myself as to when I needed to start getting closer to the hotel.  All the data it would show is great for tracking and improving on your times.

Today I opened my email to learn about Under Armour’s new connected shoe, the Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2.  These are being release today 2/29/16, leap day!  I’ve done a little reserach online to see who had these already and their feedback.  As you can see from Valentina Palladino‘s review these look really nice and they to pair right up with their app, MapMyRun (Under Armour bought them a few years back).

Keep these and future Under Armour shoes on your radar as the weather is becoming nicer and you’re running more outside.


For me, well, I just received a free pair of adidas Supernova Glide 8, so I need to take those out of the box from Friday and break these in before I get any other shoes, but the Under Armour smart shoe might be my next purchase.


Let me know if you have them or other thoughts on the connected fitness world as I only touched a very small portion.



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