Table Rock State Park

Recently I was able to experience the great outdoors of my first camping in a South Carolina state park, Table Rock State Park.

It had been a couple years since I’ve been able to camp and being I planned it a little late, only 2 weeks prior there were not many parks or campsites that had availability. I wanted to find a place that also had a good hike nearby, which Table Rock did.

After pulling up to the main welcome center to grab my parking pass for my primitive campsite, I walked back to the campsites. This walk was much further than I expected or wanted. Most of the “primitive” campsites I’m used to in North Georgia are much closer to parking or they are truly primitive sites that dont have a fire ring or picnic table or tent area. So my expectations were way off being I planned on having shorter than quarter mile walk to the site.

As you can see above, this is what I call normal campsite being that 5 other sites were within 20 feet of each other.

After several long trips, I was able to establish camp.

Also, I didnt study the map of the campsite close enough as the typography wasnt displayed and I assumed the lake would be very close but it would be another steep walk down to the water, which I didn’t go down.

This is a good time of year typically to go as the weather is getting cooler, but due to abnormally warm afternoons it was well into the night before dropping below 65.

The next morning I got up and drove over to the other side of the park to hike up the Table Rock trail.

This is a long trail at around 4 miles up to the lookout and very strenuous, so get ready and make sure you bring plenty of water. We were on trail by 8:30AM and I dont recommend starting much later due to the heat (unless you go in later fall/winter/early spring).

After several steep inclines, you think yyou’re getting to the top, but only to find your 2.5 miles into the trail.

Once you reach the summit it’s only a llittle further to the main overlook.

As you can see, I perspired quite a bit going up, but beautiful views once up there. Some of the haze hadn’t burned off yet so couldn’t see far distance but still able to experience it.

On the 4 miles back down, I paused to look back up at a stretch of steps up.

So you can see you need good shoes or hiking boots to handle the rocks and large steps up.

Overall it was a fun camping trip, but I’ll try to find another location on the next adventure. Leave any suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks to my friend Chris for joining.


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