Gibsons Steakhouse

This is I think my 5th trip to Chicago this year for business, typically I’m a fan of the city from March-October, because of the weather. I just missed high winds and possible tornadoes earlier this week to be able to enjoy hi 70s and sunshine. Due to my clients location I spend a lot … More Gibsons Steakhouse

Touch & Go

From time to time my Father-in-law will ask me to join him as he’s flying in private airplane. It’s an opportunity for me to spend time with him and get a different view of the landscape.  I’ve flown with him down in South Florida but this weekend was the first time here in Georgia. He … More Touch & Go

Bourbon Trail

When you think of Kentucky there are a few things that come to mind; horses, coal, fried chicken, basketball, Corvettes and Bourbon.  Many claim to be bourbon but to be classified bourbon the spirit has to be made from a grain mix of at least 51% or more of corn, aged in charred oak barrels, … More Bourbon Trail