Bourbon Trail

When you think of Kentucky there are a few things that come to mind; horses, coal, fried chicken, basketball, Corvettes and Bourbon. 

Many claim to be bourbon but to be classified bourbon the spirit has to be made from a grain mix of at least 51% or more of corn, aged in charred oak barrels, distilled less than 160 proof (80% proof) and enter into barrels at no more than 125 proof. It’s not required to be distilled in Kentucky but because of the limestone and iron free water that is used in the distillation process, most is made there. Most Kentuckians would argue that anything made outside of Kentucky is not bourbon but whiskey. 

After moving away from Kentucky a few new players have joined the bourbon scene. One that is sweeping the state and country is Town Branch

I wouldn’t call myself a bourbon expert but I do know by having their distillery located in downtown Lexington it allows for more tourist to experience a bourbon distillery. While in college I did a short bourbon tour but it took most of the day because the different distilleries are several miles apart. Having their production/distilling facilities in downtown and shipping the barrels out to the surrounding area outside the city gives them a huge advantage. Living in Georgia with a few wineries, they have tasting rooms in a few cities with the vineyards away from cities. This reminded me of that, a tasting room and tour in the city.  

Below are a few pictures from the tour. If you get a chance ask for Steve to be your tour guide. It was very informative. 


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