Horse Capital of the World

Growing up in the Horse Capital of the World, I took for granted the beauty of the farms.  Probably at the time, I saw the horse farms as too many fence post to weedeat around or whitewashing the fence to step back and see the beauty.  Now that I’ve lived away for 7 years, anytime I can get back to the Lexington area I try to take a slow drive through horse country.

The fields full of color.


My wife and I drove around wanting to take a tour of a big name horse farm, but now the farms have capitolized on the tourism factor and charge $10-50 a person to tour their farms and see their prized studs.  I was willing to pay up knowing that my wife had never been nor seen horse farms like this, it would be worth it for that in itself.  Once we tried reaching out to a few farms, they were all booked weeks in advance, so be sure you plan that part ahead.

When you don’t plan ahead, you end up just driving along country roads and take what pictures you can find!


Tempest Fares Farm


Quarter Angel


Such beautiful and powerful animals!

We also stopped by Keeneland racetrack for a picture!  The ponies weren’t running this afternoon, but if you’re ever near Lexington in April or October, mark it on your calendar in INK to attend the track.  Great atmosphere to see the horse, people and fun.



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