Nike Football’s Rating Day – Atlanta

Right out of college I was blessed to have landed a job with Nike’s high school grassroots marketing/sales team.  It was wonderful opportunity that I traveled the country (drove to all lower 48 states), meet great student atheletes before they became famous.  Each Spring the team travels mainly to NFL cities to have a ‘Rating … More Nike Football’s Rating Day – Atlanta


Brotherly Love

This week work took me to the city of brotherly love, Phillidelphia. I’ve been to the city a few times with a previous job so I’ve done the touristy things; Liberty Bell, Pat’s & Geno’s (seperately), ran the steps at the Museum of Art and the sports stadiums.        Edit   For this trip, I was out … More Brotherly Love

Date Night

It’s been awhile since my wife and I have had a true date night. This past weekend my parents came to town and said they would cheerfully watch our daughter allowing us to go have fun.  So we reached out kinda last minute to a few friends and were able to find one of Tories … More Date Night

Connected Fitness

If you’re like me you want to know what you did, when you did it, where you did it and how long it took to do it.  Millennials(myself included) have grown up with data rich liftstyles.  10 years ago I was wearing cutting edge technology with Nike+.  It would track my steps and after adjusting … More Connected Fitness