Faithless & Corrupt People

There is a lot going on in the world today that is magnified through the instant media outlets.  Today during my daily reading of the Bible as I’ve set the goal to read the entire Bible all the way through in 100 days, I read Matthew 17.

Only fitting as the Lord’s timing that Pastor Wright’s message today was also covering this same passage in Matthew. While I share some of Bryant’s thoughts I also provide how this passage touched me today.

Hearing how the United States is in uproar right now of both sides of the political party. No matter which party you side with I think any American can admit that we live in a time of faithless and corrupt people. In Matthew 17:17 God says, “…how long must I put up with you?” No matter your religion or non-religion we all want to be heard and treated fairly. But if we continue down the path of the faithless and expecting the government to save us this “demon” will continue to live in us individually and as a nation in whole.

I’ve heard many people say I don’t think this candidate or that one has the ability to beat the leading person from the other party or I think this person is the best of two evils but this just shows how little faith we have in the candidate that best aligns with our inner thoughts. In Matthew 17:20 it shows the smallest seed of the Middle East at the time of the bible but can grow over 12 ft tall. We must have faith that through God we can move any mountain.

Mustard Seed

When at work, in transit (this includes rush hour traffic when your already late) at home, out at social events and other settings that we’re in front of others we must remember that many are faithless and we must be the example that God has shown us. Being the light in this dark world just by loving all those around us. Taking the extra effort to show kindness to someone we might not agree with their actions but knowing that everyone is our brother and sisters in Christ.

Encourage others in their walk, leave a comment how you’re struggling or how you’ve overcame a struggle!



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