Brotherly Love

This week work took me to the city of brotherly love, Phillidelphia. I’ve been to the city a few times with a previous job so I’ve done the touristy things; Liberty Bell, Pat’s & Geno’s (seperately), ran the steps at the Museum of Art and the sports stadiums. 

  Edit   For this trip, I was out in the burbs of Willow Grove, PA. It was pleasant area almost halfway between my Tuesday and Wednesday meetings.  The weather was surprisingly warm so I found a power line trail near my hotel. 

While I was at Manheim Phillidelphia I was told I had to have a soft pretzel for a snack….


After 3 days up here, I’m ready to get back home. 

But of course I had to have a cheesesteak while waiting on plane at the airport! 


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