Exploring Washington DC in 60 hours

We had two and a half days to explore Washington DC so we were always on the move. Checking my Fitbit for steps & miles we recorded 8 miles the first day, 9 day two and 8 miles part of day three.

Only having a short amount of time, we got right into it and started with the Lincoln Memorial.  There are lots of great places to eat in DC since it’s a melting pot of the world, so branch out.  We went domestic for lunch one day grabbing BBQ.

From there we walked down the mall and enjoyed the shade.

If you are planning a trip to Washington DC, start planning at least 3 months out. Or else you’ll be on the outside looking in at several of the major tourist spots, like the White House.

For the museums, like the Smithsonian Air & Space museum you can just walk right in.

Even though we planned our trip a month out, our congressional representatives was able to get us signed up for a tour at the Capitol with a group of others from across the country. If you can plan far enough out and get someone from your representative’s office to actually give you a tour, I would recommend that route. After the Capitol tour, we took the underground tunnel to the Library of Congress.

Next, we walked across the river to the Marine Corps Memorial and then over to Arlington National Cemetery.




You can do a LOT of walking here so get ready! If you don’t want to walk as much they do have a shuttle that will drive you around and you can hop on/off as you like, but it was over $10 and I would rather walk. I was also excited to walk everywhere since I had new shoes!

That was a quick overview of our trip to DC, please comment or ask questions about the trip or what you should do and I’ll share my thoughts.

Now start planning your #TravelTuesday now.


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