Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate, sounds so formal or technological for a name but most people refer to it as The Bean. It’s the shiny seamless work of art inside Millennial Park that attracts millions of visitors each year.

You can see from the above picture all the people around trying to take a selfie or just look at their reflection. During these busy times is amazing people watching.

But if you don’t want to stand too close and looking for a birds eye view, walk over to the Chicago Athletic Association and take the elevator up to Cindy’s for an open air patio with views above The Bean and over to Lake Michigan.


Now that you’ve seen a common view from street level and a view from up above, how about an unobstructed view of Cloud Gate?

Well for this type of unobstructed view you’ll have to wake up early just after sunrise for that.

I didn’t go with the selfie because it just looks like a picture in front of a bathroom mirror, so I used the timer on my camera.

I went for a jog along the trails by Lake Michigan then finished at The Bean. This time of day was amazing seeing only a few people around at that time to capture great shots. There was someone else there with a tripod setup ready for I’m sure beautiful photos.


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