Battery Low, Save Work Now

When was the last time you were in a groove working on something then flashes, low battery? It seems to happen to me while waiting at an airport gate. Only to find the only two outlets within 50 meters are already occupied.

I’ve written about traveling with a battery Anker pack in the past but they now have a dongle extension cord that allows you to unplug (after asking permission of course!) someone else’s plug in an outlet so you can add this PowerPort Cube outlet with 3 open outlets and USB ports as well. You’ll instantly become the hero by providing more openings to charge and of course you’ll finish your thoughts and work that would have been delayed until an opening or you returned home.

I travel with this Anker PowerPort Cube in my backpack on all my trips. It looks big, heavy and bulky but it really isn’t that bad. It’s less than two and half cubic inches, so it fits nicely in your bag.

I highly recommend you checking it out. I don’t currently have any affiliate marketing set up right now, but wish I did because I know you’ll want to buy this cube. There is a five foot extension cable so you’re not tied up right at the outlet. Being this is an Anker device, you know that it’s also high-speed charging too!

You can also see where an outdated hotel this comes in handy too. I have become a fan favorite at airports by allowing other to plug in too.

Do you have any other tricks or products you use when traveling?


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