Civic Duty – Fulton County, Georgia – Jury Duty

When talking to my friends, family or peers most people never want the letter in the mail from their local court. It has me thinking, why do so many people dread these letters? Is it they are so busy with life, work and other things they don’t want to take a day or few out to serve their community they live? Or is it they don’t want the pressure of holding someone else accountable? There can be many reasons why that can go on forever I’m sure?

For me, it’s more about the fact that I live in a large county in a large metropolitan area that forces me to commute 45+ minutes one way to the courthouse, of course during rush hour! But I’m honestly interested in the judicial system and seem to look forward to this process.

This time like my last summoning (4 years prior to the date), my service was completed just by showing up. A plea was reached once we the jury gathered and about to enter the courtroom. Sometimes they need to see the jury to know it’s about to get real.

So as much of an inconvenience it might seem, it allows me to reflect a little throughout the day and thankful to live in a democracy.


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