End of 2018

Today is the last day of 2018. It’s a great time to look back and reflect on the good, bad and document new goals…err roll over a few that I didn’t complete in 2018.

I’m scanning many of your blogs for things you did this year or want to do next year. For me I didn’t have too many goals this past year but something I rolled over from last year and will continue to rollover in future reals is reading/listening to books.

I travel 10+ times a year on an airplane, so those times allow me to listen to audio books. My goal this year was 20 books, but fell short and only listened to 18 which I’m still happy with that number but want to try to hit 20 books in 2019. Below is screenshot of new app, Libby my public library offers books for free!

Looking back on my family, I’m excited about how we’ve grown and always fun seeing history of pictures from earlier in the year until now. Hard to believe the kiddos grew so much but at their ages, it happens fast I hear.

Fitness goals are typical for many people each year. I didn’t have any big goals for 2018 like I might have in the past, actually probably most stagnant of my past 5 years as far as miles ran or biked. But I’m fine with it all due to other things in life such as seeing my girls grow than hitting mileage goals. It was hard for me at first to understand that I dont have to ride 2-3 hours each Saturday or run throughout the week. This stage in my life there were many late nights and early mornings due to teething baby. I think in 2019, I’ll shoot for running my first half marathon (I technically did a half when I did my half ironman).

What all do you reflect or look back on during the year?


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