Planning, Points and Patience

Happy New Year.  Now that we’re a week into 2019 most people are getting back into their grind.  Looking at goals they have set for 2019, backending those goals to see what needs to be accomplished each quarter, month and week.  I too am doing this both for my day job and personal/family plans.

Planning – Being a service provider or vendor company that provides solutions for our clients, we focus on one segment and have solutions that can help any of our clients run their business better through our solutions. That being said, we build our goals and growth around the current market share and fight to gain more market share. I support a set of named accounts that I’m working to ‘farm’. That being said, I know where those clients are headquartered and have locations throughout the country (mainly East Coast). Having a young family, I try to engage in work life balance so that I’m able to be home often to help put my kids to bed and see them get on the bus, but traveling 15-20 trips a year, I maximize it. When I’m out, I want to see new places, find new trails to run or explore or unique places to eat. Of course there are the touristy things as time allows.

Points – Starting the year we mostly start our scorecards at 0 nights, miles, stays, rentals, rides or how ever points are accounted. Some programs have rollover points from the previous year to give you a head start on this year. Most rewards programs you earn status for the rest of that year and the full next year. Leaving in a large metro (Atlanta), I have many flight options to select air travel. Depending on the cities that I’m meeting clients, I usually have multiple hotel options, so I’ve debated on gaining status with one brand, then switching the next year by mixing the previous while gaining something new to mix it up. Though I’m mostly brand loyal to my points programs, I’m curious on if any others switch point brands frequently?

Patience – Into 2019 I’m challenging myself more reflection and monthly checkpoints so that I’m not biting off more than I can handle or overloading myself. Every few years I look forward at 1,3,5 year goals but this year, I’m exercising more patience to not confuse 1 year goals with 3 or 5 year goals. I’m happy at what I’m doing, happy with my family, happy with my life. I need to enjoy that and not look for greener grass as the saying goes.


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