Boutique Air

Living in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA, home of the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, I’m fortunate to have many direct flights to hundreds of locations domestically and internationally.

I try to fly one airline as much as I can, but this week’s trip made it a little harder to fly that airline and minimize the drive time after landing. Through my works travel portal I found a smaller airline with a direct flight to the city I need to be that also has an airport shuttle to the hotel I’m staying, Marriot Muscle Shoals. So I do a quick Google search of the airline, route, customer service and customer feedback on social media and it looks legit, so I book a direct flight on Boutique Air.

From ATL, the busiest airport, I found this gate at the very end of one of the typical International terminals, needless to say, plenty of walking.

This airline uses small prop-planes in their fleet, so the weather plays into the departure time greatly. Today, the plane left Muscle Shoals, AL headed to Atlanta but had to land in Talladega, Alabama due to dense fog. Below you can see outside the gate just how foggy it was here in Atlanta.

The larger jets, dont have as much issue, but the smaller guys do as they need a larger distance of visibility.

Once the plane arrived the gate, the agent said they would call the 8 of us passengers as when to return back to the gate for the flight so we could go grab lunch. You dont hear that often that they will call your cell to get back to gate as plane is leaving vs a last call over the PA.

The plane arrived and we walked down the stairs to the tarmac to hop on a bus to shuttle us 50 meters away from the gates to the plane parked above. (It was like the plane was posing for the picture in front of the control tower.)

As you can see, the pilots are right there just a few feet away.

I captured a quick hyperlapse video of taxiing at ATL and take off.

Other than the long weather delay, it was a nice flight, their staff a flight crew were friendly.

My return flight also experienced another weather delay. A bad storm that passed through Muscle Shoals, AL made it’s way to Atlanta but with more impact, so same story as before except much smaller airport with only vending machines as food & drink options for a 2 hour delay.

Once we were cleared to take off back to Atlanta the sun came out and we hoped it was be a smooth flight back.

Only three of us on the flight back allowed for more room to spread out.

I also captured these pictures of the sunset along the flight.

As we approached Atlanta we caught up to the backend of the storm, and it got turbulent very quickly. Storms + turbulence = searching for the barf bag🤢. Luckily I didn’t use it, but probably the closest I’ve gotten on a flight.

If you travel Boutique Air, I hope that you have clear weather and calm air!

But all things come to a happy end…

The tower is light up red for Valentine’s Day ❤.


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