2020 Hotel Planning

Wow, sorry friends it’s been a BUSY Spring/Summer for me. I moved across town, so lots of little projects with the house. My coworker had a baby so I’ve been trying to pick up extra areas of responsibility during her maternity leave which has me traveling a little more than normal, which got me thinking about hotel stays.

I know it’s a little early to start 2020 planning, but with 130 days left in 2019 and I need 30+ nights to achieve the next level with Bonvoy, I’m starting to look at do I double down and focus on achieving Titanium Elite level or lighten up and diversify with Hilton? A few things to think about is I’m also Lifetime Platinum Elite with Bonvoy, so I’ll have that going for me every year and it’s typically fewer nights/stay to acheive Hilton Honors Diamond.


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