Touch & Go

From time to time my Father-in-law will ask me to join him as he’s flying in private airplane. It’s an opportunity for me to spend time with him and get a different view of the landscape. 

I’ve flown with him down in South Florida but this weekend was the first time here in Georgia. He wanted to practice some touch and go to work in the landings of a Glider type 2 seater. 

You can see in the top left they are fueling up the plane for our flight, view from the wing, inside the cockpit and view of the plane.  

I tell my wife who worries about him and me for riding with him, “you know how detailed focus he is in everything he does, he’s that way when flying too. No mistakes!”  

A few videos I took from inside the cockpit while we were flying.  Next time I’ll try to put the GoPro on the tail of the plane for different angle. 

Flight from KLZU in a DA20


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