Gibsons Steakhouse

This is I think my 5th trip to Chicago this year for business, typically I’m a fan of the city from March-October, because of the weather. I just missed high winds and possible tornadoes earlier this week to be able to enjoy hi 70s and sunshine.

Due to my clients location I spend a lot of time on the tollways which I dislike out in the suburbs. Well this time we switched up where we stayed and opted for Oak Brook vs. Rosemont where we typically stay (right next to OHare). Much to our surprise in Oakmont we found another Gibsons Steakhouse. We’ve eaten at the one in Rosemont twice and someone new was with us on this trip who wanted a nice steak so we went to Gibsons. 

They have their own USDA grade of meat, but tonight it was all about the chocolate mousse cake. 

Look at the size of their cake, that are made fresh daily in house. Obviously these are for sharing and 8 guys weren’t able to put it away…after apps, salads and steaks of course no room. 

I don’t know if it was catching up on work, knowing the magnitude of the meeting today, all I ate last night or mixture but I didn’t sleep. 

I woke up my normal body time (EDT) and went for a short jog, trying to burn off some of that cake! 

Needless to say I’m very tired and now can’t sleep on my flight home leaving the Windy City. 

But with 33 more minutes to destination, I’ll end this here in hopes of a little rest. 


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