Radar Detection

It’s been 3-4 years since I’ve pulled out my Radar Detector that I bought back in college (2002) when I would drive 150+ miles each way to college.  Today, I found it in the bottom of my console compartment, so I thought I would plug it in on my 11 mile commute to work.  Let’s just say it didn’t stay plugged in but maybe a few miles on GA 400.  It was chirping every time I passed a car or a car passed me on the 5 lane wide (all 1 direction) road, so you can imagine how many cars are clutter together 5 wide during morning rush hour.

I was so fustrated after beep & chirp after beep & chirp that I just unplugged.  Not that I was going to be speeding during the morning rush hour packed in tight, I was lucky to get up to 30 MPH in a 65 MPH.  But when I got to the office, I consulted with a coworker who I knew had talked about his Radar Detector in the past.  So I asked if his was non-stop chirping.  He told me the new technology in cars, blind spot notification and active cruise control units would set it off.  Granted my radar detector, is 14 years old!!! So of course the technology has changed.

Looking around the web, I found this recent article on Road and Track that highlights all these updates.  So if you’re planning to buy a radar detector, you’ll want to do your research and start with this article.

Good luck and safe speeding, if you choose to test your radar detector.


When driving in Atlanta, you’re either going 7 or 70 MPH, not much in between.


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