RJ Numbs – Rome in 40 hours

A coworker of mine had made the trip over to Rome a few months before me. She found out I was going to Rome and was determined that I go to this same restaurant she had been. So much that she pulled out her phone sent a text to the manager of the place saying I would be coming to expect a call from me to make reservations. I haven’t worked with her much and we live in different cities so I was just being polite that I would visit this place she talked so much about. 

Two days before my arrival into Rome, I thought I would text her contact to see if they had any open reservations the 2 evenings I would be in Rome. He said he had 2 openings on Monday night (the first night I would be in Rome) at 7 or 8 PM. I told him 8pm Monday would be great. 

Once arriving in Rome and exploring the city the few hours after landing and checking into our AirBnB, we started walking to the restaurant, RJ Numbs in Piazza Campo de Fiori. We arrive and I notice a gentleman standing outside with menus trying to attract a few more guest to fill their 2 open tables. I ask if he is Andrei and he says yes, are you Brian. We connect instantly and he said he’s been expecting me and shows us to our prime positioned table. Within minutes someone brings us welcome champagne. At this moment, I know I’ve walked into something special. 

Throughout the meal Andrei is taking exceptional care of us, making sure we understand the menu and selecting items that pair well with the rest of the food and wine🍷! 

My coworker had text Andrei and let him know we are in Italy celebrating our wedding anniversary so he surprises us with a candle in tiramisu. 

I could write a book on this tiramisu.  It has to easily be hands down, The. Best. Ever. I could have came back 3 times a day just to eat that. If you go to Numbs, please, please save room for the tiramisu. 

I highly recommend you reach out to Andrei at the Piazza Campo de Fiori location and tell him Brian from Atlanta sent you!



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