Roswell Mill Waterfalls

Living in the Atlanta metro area there are many great areas to explore for short day trips on the weekend that are mostly family friendly.  Having the Chattahoochee flow through many parts creates great natural getaways that you’ll forget only a few miles away is the busy life of a large metropolitan city.

One of my favorites is visiting the historic Roswell Mill. There are marker signs that tell the story of the mill and what it was famous for, I’ll let you go see or research more on that.

But if you do visit Roswell Mill, I encourage you to also check out the Waterfalls on Vickery Creek.

My recommendation is to get there early on sunny days because it will get crowded fast being so accessible. I always park from Atlanta Highway by the Roswell Mill but you can also park (pay to park) in the lot off of Riverside Drive, then hike the Vickery Creek Trail (follow signs to the falls). From the Roswell Mill cross the covered bridge and up the steps begin hiking. At your first split in trail, take the first left and continue up the hill and back down until you reach the falls. You’ll see the view from the above picture when you’re going back down the trail to the falls.

I like this side better as typically less people and give you the view from the side/top of the falls (see below picture) and you climb down, be careful as there’s slick moss!

As you’re climbing down you’re right on the falls and great photo opportunities.

Once down at the bottom of the falls level you can see the force of the water coming over the top.

Depending on the time you go, bring some water shoes and a bathing suit as you’ll find people cooling off!
I hope you do make it out and enjoy this easy to get to beauty in downtown Roswell, GA.


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