I Heart Travel – #Love Edition

Jumping on the Valentines bandwagon of love, it got me thinking of some of the trips I’ve taken that I’ve loved. Some of the love might be for the location, the history that surrounds it, taste of the local cuisine or the company I was with just to name a few.

When you think of places you loved to visit, which of those memories it you first? The taste of the pastas from Italy, or the bold flavors of the wine in Tuscany? Was it the sand between your toes on the beaches in St. Lucia? The relief knowing you packed enough water for your hike through the Grand Canyon or even Diamond Head?

Narrowing down on the places that I just love and want to go back is hard when you’re as blessed as I’ve been to have visited all 50 states and 21 countries.

But below are 3 places I love.

3. Grand Canyon

2. Curacao

1. Tie between Barcelona & Florence

What are the places you love?


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