Serving Haiti

I had the opportunity to visit the people of Haiti recently. They’ve been in the news in America the past 7-8 years, for reasons I would think they didn’t want but couldn’t help; Natural disasters. First, it was the earthquake that struck the island in 2010, secondly, Hurrican Matthew in the fall of 2016.

Haiti is only a two hour flight from Miami, but they are the poorest country in the Americas. Their main source of income comes from the cruise port on the north side of the island.  Their capitol city of Port-au-Prince also has jobs creating income, but not much else outside those two areas.

My flight from MIA to PAP had at least 4 groups flying into Haiti to provide some form of humanitarian work. Talking to a few of those groups and history of other groups, most are focus on areas within 30 minutes from the airport. Those Haitians further away are left in a very primitive state struggling for just the basics of human needs; water, food and shelter.

A team from my church worked with Torch of Hope Foundation organization to do several things while on the trip.  We kenw we were going to help build 3 homes but there was a lot more going on that week as well.  A clinic was set up with a Doctor from Les Cayes who came in and a registered nurse who was on our trip were able to see 300+ adults and kids who might not have been able to afford to go into Les Cayes.  We also were able to donoate clothes to the students at IEBCF school.


We loaded up in the van, with our luggage on top ready for the 130 mile trip….which took 7.5 hours because of Saturday was market day, ALL the markets we drove through were FULL of people.

Driving through the markets, you saw everything for sale.

Once we got settled in we explored around to see where we would be building the houses.  Quickly we learned that these houses would only be build with the help of God.

The circle is where I started 2.5 miles away at the bottom

It was a 2.5 mile walk one way to the top of the mountain and took about 45 minutes to walk.  Plus we had to get suppliess (2x4s, plywood, sheet metal for roof)  up the mountain on foot.  It honestly was a challange to walk up the mountain with just a backpack on, much less carrying items.

The villagers carrying plywood on their head, I’m tag-teaming one up

After several trips up and down the mountain bringing supplies (mainly by the villiagers) many hands were able to frame and complete three houses on top of the mountain.  Many prayers were prayed that the supplies would keep coming up the mountain, the weather would hold off, and everyone would stay hydrated.

See what was done in a weeks time and what has been done in this area in the past only encourages me for the human race as our Western society is shifting to an “all about me” society, I want to not follow that trend, but to continue to reach out and help those around me near and far.  I encourage you to see what you can do in your community or step outside your commfort zone to go on an international trip.  I’m not sure what’s in store for me next year or long term, but should the timing fit and the good Lord call me, I will go.


Leave me a comment of places you visited or orginizations you helped please.



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