Fitness backed Finances

I love sports.  I love outdoors.  I love trying to be in better fitness.  I love having money to pay for my habit.

You’ve probably heard the saying “Health is Wealth.  If you don’t have health, wealth won’t matter.”  Or something along those lines.  There is some truth to it.  A friend of a friend of mine grew up like me in small town Kentucky, but he saw a need and was able to captilaize on that need.  When train tracks wear down or trains wreck, he saw the need to go fix them, all over the country.  He because the industry leader in this area.  Being the leader, created more opportunity and more wealth for him.  But that did not exclude him from unexplainable, uncurable diseases.  He was diagnosed with a blood cancer but with his accumilated wealth, he told doctors that he would pay them X amount of money each year he was alive to keep him going.  That’s taking health to another level.  But he knew without his health, he wasn’t taking those millions of dollars of wealth with him.

Several months back, I came across the website, My that pays you for your healthy habits.  Ok, let me stop here.  You won’t get rich or probably even an enough money for new running shoes, but something is better than nothing.

For every 10,000 points you earn they pay you $10 USD.  I was able to earn my first $10 for allowing them to link to my social media/fitness tracking apps.  They paid me through PayPal and yes, I waited to see the money in the account before writing the post!


You can see the above is a screen shot from my PayPal account as I received the $10 payment from Achievement!

Now you’re excited and want to know how you too can make money.  Well, there are so many ways that I probably don’t know them all, but I’ll tell you how I did mine.

First, I connected my FitBit fitness tracker.  From there, I would earn most of my points as it tracks most if not all my fitness.  I would earn 6 points for allow it to record my sleep.  My FitBit would also track steps, and I would earn different amounts of points for different amounts of steps (ie: walked 5,033 steps earned 14 points, walked 10,343 steps earned 27 points).  I would earn 6 points if I documented any food for a day through My Fitness Pal.  I track my runs/long walks/bike rides through MapMyRide and earn points based on length of activity.  After a 20 mile bike ride, I earned 80 points.


You can also connect your social media (Twitter/Four Square) so when you mention @Achievement and talk about health or fitness you earn points.  When you check-in to a health or fitness center, you earn points.

I already use these apps, so why not allow someone else to track my data and then pay me for it?? It’s very simple, you turn them all on/sync your accounts then just watch the points rack up.

Honestly, I would try to earn more points by referring you, but they don’t have a referral program right now, so I’m sharing this out of the goodness of my heart, however selfish it might have been had they gave me a few points IF they had the program.

Say a prayer thanking for your health and continue to get better one step at a time.

Go sign up and get paid!


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