Fall 2017

Just like that, September 22, 2017 has arrived. The official start of fall here in the States. There’s so much about fall that I enjoy.  Living in Atlanta, we get 3.5 seasons being this far south and that’s fine with me. Today is a warm 89 but I know soon those temps will drop but won’t get too cold until January. 

Football. College football is in their 4th week, allowing teams to figure out were they over-ranked to start the season or who is ready to match it up with anyone.

Leaves. Depending on where you live the leaves change color and fall at different times.  Start planning NOW as it’s happening. Where are the best places to hike or capture pictures of leaves changing color? 

Princeton University 2016

Family. The fall seems to be a time to spend more time with family. Things seem to slow down and we’re not as busy. We have a few holidays that force us to be around our family.  I usually think it’s a good thing so I’m looking forward to having dedicated time with family this fall. 

What are the things you like most about fall?


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