Thomas A. Edison Park

While up in New Jersey for work recently I was staying in the great town of Edison, NJ. Instead of jogging on the treadmill or elliptical at the hotel, I wanted to find a park to run. With a quick Google maps search, I found Thomas A. Edison Park. This is a nice community park … More Thomas A. Edison Park


Connected Air Travel

Connected Air Travel, what does that mean today? ┬áThis title, I know can lead your mind to think of so many topics. ┬áWill this be about finding the best air travel deals, connecting others with air travel, OK the list could honestly go on for days I understand, so I’ll leave those other for future … More Connected Air Travel

Florence or Firenze 

Our trip to Italy was focused on visiting Florence. My wife and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. We do something a little special every year, go through the alphabet each year.  For example, our honeymoon we went to A-Aruba; B-Boston; C-Castries, St. Lucia; D-Dahlonega, GA;  E-Emeryville, CA; F-Florence, Italy. We make up the … More Florence or Firenze┬á

Roma in 40 hours

When planning my trip to Florence I had to make a choice, what airport in Italy do I want to land from the States?  Being that my home airport is Atlanta (ATL) there is a direct red-eye flight into Roma (FCO). Now, do I want to connect flight up near Florence or do I jump … More Roma in 40 hours

Radar Detection

It’s been 3-4 years since I’ve pulled out my Radar Detector that I bought back in college (2002) when I would drive 150+ miles each way to college. ┬áToday, I found it in the bottom of my console compartment, so I thought I would plug it in on my 11 mile commute to work. ┬áLet’s … More Radar Detection